LICIOUSINTIMATES is about wanting the NIGERIAN Woman know that there’s more to just wearing your clothes and up and go, there’s a bra for every outfit. Going to a party where you gonna get down on the dance floor ( OWANBE BRA ), Going to sign that multi million dollars contract ( OFFICIAL T-SHIRT BRA ), Going to wow Le’Boo (FIERY AND ICE COLLECTION), Going to see the future in-law ( GOOD GIRL BRA ), Going to see your girls ( GIRLIE COLLECTION )

What ever the Occasion, LICIOUSINTIMATES is here for you because LICIOUSINTIMATES is every one of us – she’s the girl next door, your sassy mate, your body-loving mum and your confident work colleague. LICIOUSINTIMATES isn’t made for just one person, it’s a curve celebrating, self-worshipping state of mind and it’s in every one of us curvy ladies. Whoever you are – go get your curve on!

Girls of all shapes, sizes and curves test our bras, and only the snuggest, perkiest, most comfortable designs make it into our collection. Our newbie fans are often surprised that the average bra size we sell is a 34G. Our bras start from small back sizes, right up to plus sizes, including 40 to 44 backs and a range of A to M cups.

We love finding fits for all the lovely, curvy bodies out there. It turns one curvaceous lady into the poster girl for curvy girls everywhere. If you love your boobs the way we do, we’re here to help you find you the perfect fit!


To make all women feel fabulous about their Curve and Body


To make sure there’s so much for everyone